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“Dull Men of Great Britain” calendar now available at Stanfords – London, Bristol, and online

Now available at Stanfords — click here London 12 Long Acre Covent Garden WE2E 9LP 020 7836 1321 Bristol 29 Corn Street BS1 1HT Online … [Read More...]

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“Dull Men of Great Britain” calendar now on Amazon

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B Norway debate stacking wood

Issue that’s splitting Norway – bark up or bark down?

Continung westward across Scandinavia — we blogged recently about Finland and Sweden — now we cover a matter that's all the buzz in Norway — an issue that stokes heated debates every autumn when firewood is being chopped for winter.   "Bark Up or Down? Firewood Splits Norwegians" is the headline … [Read More...]

Caravan Show

Caravan Show, UK’s largest – this week in Birmingham

Tuesday - Sunday — 14-19 October, 2014 http://www.motorhomeandcaravanshow.co.uk  Best ever place to pick out your next caravan: the greatest annual gathering of motorhome and caravan manufacturers in the UK. This unique event takes place at the National Exhibition Centre ("NEC") … [Read More...]

Volvo traktor metronome

Volvo traktor — member of band playing “Sweet Georgia Brown”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbN-jO11vKg We blogged the other day about Finns being practical: instructional video on how to open a door. Heading west across the Baltic Sea, we see that Swedes can also be practical. Watch the wonderful performance of "Sweet Georgia Brown" — percussion by Volvo … [Read More...]

B Finnish door opening instructions

“How to open a door” – instructional video from Finland

Reading the news today about the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, where they began in 1994 and have continued every year after that, reminded us of how practical Finns are. We dug into our archives to see whether we could find other examples of their practical approaches to … [Read More...]

Oct Pea Throwing

Today: World Pea Throwing Championships – will 44 meter record be broken?

Sunday, October 12, 2014 — in East Sussex — at the Lewes Arms, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes This event — an event that may be appropriate for you if you find pea shooting to be too exciting. Or, if you've tried pea shooting but are no good at it, you might like to try pea throwing. The event … [Read More...]

Oct Ploughng

Breaking News – after 31 years, Ploughing Championships finally return to Hampshire

64th British National Ploughing Championships — 11-12 October — Saturday-Sunday — Wootton St Lawrence near Basingstoke •  High point of Britain's ploughing season. •  "Grand Prix" of ploughing — fierce competition — not only for the British National Titles — but also for the supreme honour of … [Read More...]

World Egg Day 2014

Today is World Egg Day

Friday, October 10, 2014 World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October. Events for celebrating eggs are held all around the world. World Egg Day is sponsored by the International Egg Commission. To feed the hungry and underprivileged over the past year, they have … [Read More...]

FB trainsp;otter

First trainspotter? . . . BBC News reports on who may have been the world’s first one

"Who was the world's first trainspotter?" in BBC News Magazine The first trainspotter may have been Jonathan Backhouse who watched the inaugural journey of the Stockton to Darlington railway in September 1825. He wrote a letter — filled with enthusiasm — to his sisters that is likely to be the … [Read More...]

Hugh ITV

Hugh Barker, “Hedge Britannia, on ITV London News

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ITN ITV evening news

“Dull Men of Great Britain” on ITN 5:00 evening news

Photos from the calendar and filming of Hugh brushing a hedge and yawns by the presenter and me. Post by Leland Carlson. … [Read More...]


FAQs ——— updated

FAQs 1.  What is the Dull Men’s Club? It’s a place for dull men to feel at home, to be comfortable, free from pressure to be in-and-trendy. We avoid glitz and glam. We enjoy safe excitement. Our motto is “Celebrate the Ordinary.” We delight in ordinary things, things that many people think are … [Read More...]

Sept stone for skimming 2

Stone Skimming – world championships underway now – we’re looking forward to seeing who wins

World Stone Skimming Championships — Today — 28 September — Easdale Island near Oban in Argyll, Scotland The championships are held every year — on the last day of September. Anyone of any age and any level of skill can enter. The number of entrants is capped at 350. (The limit is based on the … [Read More...]

iPhone 6 queue

iPhone 6 queues: men only?

 "There is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue" in The Independent That photo and news article are about the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London. A similar queue was photographed at New York's Fifth Avenue store, posted by Val Brown on Facebook: Doesn't this prove, once again, … [Read More...]

B slippery bananna

Breaking news from Harvard: slipping on banana peel wins prestigious Ig Noble prize

This year's prize in physics was awarded to Kiyoshi Mabuchi from Kitasato University in Japan for measuring, when someone steps onto a banana peel, the friction between the shoe and the banana skin and between the banana skin and the floor. The prize in neuroscience was awarded to Kang Lee from … [Read More...]

GOH Nuuk

Nuuk Greenland airport luggage carousel: counterclockwise

  … [Read More...]

Sept Blakc PUdd throwing

Breaking News from Ramsbottom: results in from World Championship Black Pudding Throwing Champtionships

The practice of pudding throwing dates back to 1455 when warring factions of the House of Lancaster and the House of York met for battle in Stubbins. It’s an annual event now in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. This year 5,000 people watched pudds fly. 1,000 competitors threw puddings made from … [Read More...]

Toy Box

Toy Box – would it have made a difference?

I wonder whether I would have turned out differently had my parents given me a box like this, fully loaded with anti-boredon toys, when I was growing up? … [Read More...]

B Adventures in Stationery

“Adventures in Stationery” ——— new book that’s right up our alley

Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case, by James Ward I received my pre-ordered copy yesterday, the day this book was released. The book lives up to my expectations. It truly epitomizes "Celebrate the Ordinary," the motto of our Dull Men's Club. I've enjoyed stationery … [Read More...]

Bee in city

Breaking News from Oxfordshire ––– Bees prefer cities over countryside

  Bumblebees prefer the buzz of cities instead of quiet countryside, according to a finding of a "citizens' science" study under the auspices of the Center foe Ecology & Hydrology ("CEH"), Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Participants in the study, 30,000 people, mostly children, took notes about … [Read More...]

Remove lables

Warning labels ––– remove them?

What would our DMC members think if labels were removed from stuff we buy? We like to read labels. Some of us even file them away along with instructions and receipts for the stuff we buy. When you think about it, many of these labels are not needed. Do we really need to be warned that a cup of … [Read More...]

Submarine racing

Submarine Racing ––– more exciting than watching tide

When we're at the ocean, even we dull men sometimes tire of watching the tide going out and then coming back in. or vice versa. So we liven things up a bit by watching submarines race. … [Read More...]


DMC BBQ in Massachusetts – in the news

Adults in charge of the three DMCs in Massachusetts as shown in the Community Advocate Al Radin–Pembroke, Bill Harrington–Southborough, Bernie Gillon–Northborough You wouldn't expect surf and turf, would you? You're right. The BBQ's menu was in line with the DMC's "Celebrating the Ordinary" motto: … [Read More...]

Sept Binder Twine Fest sign

Big day today in Ontario — Binder Twine Festival

http://bindertwine.ca/about/ The highlight of September in Kleinburg, Ontario is their their annual Binder Twine Festival. The festival began in the 1800s when farmers came to the Kleinburg to buy twine to bind sheaves of wheat. The hardware store owner, Charlie Shaw, provided food and … [Read More...]

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