Big Ben 1

Disappointment at Big Ben? — not really

Men cleaning Big Ben,  clock's been stopped at high noon (very high) so they can do this I went into London yesterday afternoon, to Parliament Square, to watch Big Ben being cleaned. But they had finished. "One door closes, another door opens": I remembered that the BBC news article about this … [Read More...]

Big Ben cleaned

Watch Big Ben being cleaned

Post by Leland Carlson. … [Read More...]


FAQs ——— updated

FAQs What is the Dull Men’s Club? It’s a place for dull men to feel at home, to be comfortable, free from pressure to be in-and-trendy. We avoid glitz and glam. We enjoy safe excitement. Our motto is “Celebrate the Ordinary.” We delight in ordinary things, things that many people think are dull. … [Read More...]

Carrot clarinet

Clarinet made from carrot – great use made of something so ordinary

Dull men like carrots. They are healthy. And they help us to see in the dark. We had no idea, however, of their musical potential — until now. This video shows how to turn an ordinary carrot into a clarinet.  Thanks to Herbert Morais, McLean, Virginia, for sending this to us.   … [Read More...]

Whister Research

Master’s degree awarded for whisker research

  Some of our members grow whiskers — mustaches, sometimes even beards. We see now that they can be research material for a master's degree program at Manchester Metropolitan University. Read about this in "Blackpool zookeeper's MSc in sea lion whiskers," BBC News Lancashire. … [Read More...]


Sad day for Sweden: nation mourns passing of it’s oldest eel

A 155 year old eel, oldest in Europe, died at it home. Its home was a well in Brantevik, a town in Southern Sweden. It was found dead then the lid was taken off the well to show it to visitors. "Eel be missed" one of our DMC members commented. This is reported in: •  "Much mirth as Sweden … [Read More...]

Toll Collector

Man achieves goal of being a toll collector?

There are not many jobs duller than being a toll collector. We're wondering whether Mike Watts, who resides between Bath and Bristol, might be one of us dull men, that he's always wanted to be a toll collector. If this is the case, he's done an outstanding job of achieving his goal. He built the … [Read More...]

Intl Cheese Awards

Colston Bassett Stilton top winner at International Cheese Awards

200 judges sampled 4,500 cheeses. The Supreme Champion of the International Cheese Awards 2014 and proud new holder of The National Westminster Cup was announced as Colston Bassett Dairy for their Whole Blue Stilton. . Colston Bassett Stilton is a smooth and creamy Stilton with a mellow flavour, … [Read More...]

Oregon gov

Breaking news from Oregon: August 9 declared “Boring and Dull Day”

 Oregon's governor declares 9 August "Boring and Dull Day" to be celebrated all across the state every year This significant declaration was made on the first anniversary of the twinning of Boring, Oregon with Dull, Scotland. Boring will be celebrating with an ice cream social. Also … [Read More...]

Shed of Yr 2014

Breaking News: “Shed of the Year” announced

Crowned as Britain's Shed of the Year: a shed that takes the simple potting shed to a new level — a shed with an allotment on its roof. "The Allotment Roof Shed" was designed and built by Joel Bird, built from scratch from recycled materials. The roof's allotment grows a wide array of … [Read More...]

waiting on leaky faucet

Waiting for faucet to stop leaking

Don’t know if this has been already submitted or not: some safe excitement my Dad and I found over last weekend was waiting for a fixed leaky faucet that was fixed to stop dripping. Kent Burke --------------------------------------- Kent, No, we had not heard of this yet. Thanks for letting us … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.00.04 PM

LAPD, well-known for car chases, and now a tortoise chase

The tortoise, whose name is Clark, was apprehended by two officers after a chase along LA streets. "The tortoise tried to make a run for it, but our officers are pretty fast," a police department spokesman said. Clark is an African spurred tortoise native to the southern fringes of the Sahara. … [Read More...]


Edinburgh Fringe — “Born to Be Mild” shown

Saturday I was in Edinburgh to be at the showing of our film "Born to Be Mild." Audience reaction was wonderful. I watched people sitting in front of me. They were chuckling much of the time — sometimes outright laughter. (I should point out that we dull men prefer chuckling. To chuckle, according … [Read More...]

BBC Cumbria

BBC Cumbria – new DMC member inducted – drainspotter Archie Workman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKBx2o54ACU&feature=youtu.be … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.39.29 PM

Breaking Oyster Shucking News from Canada

"Canada: Oyster-shucking record at Tyne Valley Festival" in BBC News from Elsewhere Dear DMC, Dull enough? Even duller for being in Canada? I saw this story on the BBC News iPad App and thought you should see it: Canada sets oyster-shucking record — Canadian team breaks an oyster-shucking … [Read More...]

Pear Fair

Today: Pear Fair – Sacramento River Delta

Sunday — July 27, 2015 — Cortland, California —  in the Sacramento River Delta •  Enjoy the famous "Delta Breeze" among oodles of pears at this long-standing summer tradition in the Delta. •  The fair celebrates rural life. •  Live music and other entertainment — food and drink. •  It's … [Read More...]

Lightening Map

Lightning Map – Safe Excitement

There’s more Safe Excitement for us dull men to enjoy than only watching paint dry. Now, thanks to LignteningMap.org, we can safely watch lightening — in real time — from the comfort of being safely inside with out computers. Sometimes, to liven it up, we watch this map and then do like we do … [Read More...]

Turlock watching grass grow

Turlock, California – where watching the grass grow is headline news

You can read this breaking news in "Around Turlock" by Brandon McMillan in Turlock City News You might also like to read about Turlock's Watering Schedule — it's fascinating reading: turlockcitynews.com/life-social/item/1864-turlockers-asked-to-follow-watering-schedule. Thanks to Robert … [Read More...]

Keep Calm etc Ogallala

“Keep Calm and Carry On” continues to go viral . . . has now reached Ogallala, Nebraska, with a margarita

What do we dull men think? We like to keep calm and carry on. It's what we do. Or at least try to do. Do we need, or even want, a margarita to do this? Probably not. We'd rather carry on instead of wobble on. … [Read More...]

Zeben and Wells

Breaking News: 5-year-old’s snail wins today’s World Championship Snail Race

19 July 2014 The 2014 championships were held today on cricket field at Congham in Norfolk. The winning snail was “Wells” owned and trained by Zeben Butler-Alldred from London.  Zeben is five years old. Wells completed the course in 3 minutes 19 seconds, a slow time because of the … [Read More...]

Zeben and Wells

Breaking News: 5-year-old’s snail wins today’s World Championship Snail Race

19 July 2014 The 2014 championships were held today on cricket field at Congham in Norfolk. The winning snail was “Wells” owned and trained by Zeben Butler-Alldred from London.  Zeben is five years old. Wells completed the course in 3 minutes 19 seconds, a slow time because of the … [Read More...]


“Beans: A History” – likely to be a gripping read, at least for us dull men

Would someone like to review this new book for us? We'll reward you with a gift of your choice from our Dull Men's Shop. You can email your review to us at contactus@dullmensclub.com. Paige Turner Book Review Editor Dull Men's Club … [Read More...]

Shed 2014 cover

Breaking News: “Shed of the Year” finalists announced

Finalists announced for 2014's Shed of the Year: out of over 2,000 entrants, 24 finalists were chosen — four from each of the eight shed categories: 1.  Pub Sheds 2.  Eco Sheds 3.  Garden Office Sheds 4.  Cabin/Summerhouse Sheds 5.  Unique Sheds 6.  Normal Sheds 7.  Workshop/Studio Sheds 8. … [Read More...]

B Berlin socceer sofas

“Couch Kartoffeln” [couch potatoes] – in Berlin stadium watching football from their sofas

From the comfort of their sofas in a large football station, 12,000 football fans in Berlin are watching the World Cup. They brought their own sofas, 3,000 of them, with them to the stadium. German ingenuity indeed. More about this — and more photos: • … [Read More...]

Big day tomorrow – sliced bread’s 87th birthday

July 7, 1928 — first package of sliced read sold The first bakery to use the new bread-slicing mating invented by Otto Rohwedder was the Chillicothe Baking Copany in Chillicothe, Missouri. The first sale was on July 7. 1928. The sales slogan was "The greatest forward step in the baking … [Read More...]

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