B giant glacier

Breaking News from Antarctica: giant iceberg breaks off – coming up soon: “extreme ice melting watching” for dull men

We dull men like to watch ice melt. It's a DMC-approved form of safe excitement. But usually smaller volumes of ice. The 17-mile-long iceberg is now floating out into the Southern Ocean. Should we organise a field trip to go there to watch it melt? What should be call it – "Extreme ice melting … [Read More...]

B Ruff time on motorway

Headline of the week from Scotland: sheepdog drives tractor

Ruff time on the M74 when Don, a sheepdog, took charge of a tractor Dear DMC, Not sure I see the problem.  The dog had passed his droving test.Best wishes Steve Resztniak Enfield, London Read more in "Headline of the week: Dog 'drives tractor' on to motorway" in thepoke.co.uk … [Read More...]

Spam varieties

Breaking News: high-end Spam now coming to food trucks

Spam is looking now for a new, higher-brow market. It's introduced new flavors that are listed above. In recent years it Spam has been featured in haste cruise restaurants like LA's Animal (pared with of foie gras) and New York's Danji and Sushi Ko (where Spam Fried Rice was included on a $135 … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.36.05

National Organise Your Files Week (USA)

April 20-26, 2015 — third week of April every year The basics Blog entries about this week remind us of the basics of dealing with the onslought of paper — here's a good one, The Cutter Diet Blog: http://www.clutterdietblog.com/2009/04/national-organize-your-files-week-yippee.htm. ACT" — … [Read More...]


Etchings – as dealt with by dull man on date

  A James Thurber cartoon available at The New Yorker Store … [Read More...]


Breaking news from Minnesota: Lindström gets umlauts back – victory for Swedes

It could happen as early as this week, according to John Olinger, a state highway sign official. Gov. Mark Dayton issued an executive order Wednesday requiring the Minnesota Department of Transportation to reinstate umlauts on roadway signage. Umlauts had been used on city signs in Lindström. … [Read More...]

B Steve Davis

World Snooker Championships on now in Sheffield

Six-time world snooker champion Steve Davis, aka 'Mr Excitement', speaks about the competitors he's watching in the 2015 World Snooker Championship, click here to watch on BBC … [Read More...]

April McD's 60th

Yesterday – McDonald’s 60th Anniversary – did you celebrate?

What did you do to celebrate? Please email us about how it went: It began April 15, 1955 McDonald’s Corporation dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc at 400 North Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 15, 1955. Kroc got the idea for this from a … [Read More...]

April eraser

Rubber Eraser Day

Yesterday was Rubber Eraser Day. We were so busy using our erasers to get our income taxes a low as possible (April 15 US tax filing date), we ran out of time to blog about it yesterday. But of course you can celebrate the invention of the eraser any day of the year. April 15, 1770 — Joseph … [Read More...]

B Pylon of Month

Pylon of the Month

Dear DMC, You're probably aware of this but in not it's a cracking read: http://www.pylonofthemonth.org Robbie Macinnes   … [Read More...]


Tonight on BBC 2 — 7:00 p.m. (UK time) — Cuckooland on “Collectaholics”

 BBC's description: Brothers Roman and Maz have dedicated their lives to the cuckoo clock, but with no children to leave the collection to, Jasmine helps them decide what their options are as they are desperate to keep it together. Jasmine is speechless when she sees the collection - … [Read More...]

Norman Cousins b

Norman Cousins’ joke with nurse – good one for April 1

[Read More...]

B ATM in Turlock

Breaking news from Turlock, California: new ATM on Gear Road

Dear DMC, This just in — action headline news – new ATM machine sighted in Turlock. This is "front page bulletin" material out here: http://www.turlockcitynews.com/…/4819-around-turlock-march-… Robert Plank Turlock … [Read More...]

Stapler man filing

Fill Your Staplers Day – Monday 30 March in Europe

Fill Staplers Day — March 30 in Europe — Monday after the Sunday when clocks change in 2012 The Dull Men’s Club established two Fill Your Staplers Days each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Have you ever been annoyed when your stapler runs out of staples, which usually happens … [Read More...]


Clocks changed – we stayed up to watch

Many of our members stay up until 2:00 a.m.  to change their clocks at exactly the right time Daylight “Saving” or “Savings” Time? The above is an excerpt from: http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html Dream job: DMC assistant vice president Grover Click was in Vienna a few … [Read More...]


Breaking news from WTOP, Washington DC: new evidence for toilet paper “over/under” debate

"Over" is the answer some say because that's what's shown in the patent applications — it's in the article "1891 toilet paper patent settles 'over or under' debate" in WTOP News, Washington, DC. But does that really settle it? What would happen if it's "under"? Would some catastrophe occur? A … [Read More...]

FB hat in tree 1

Breaking news from North Yorkshire: hat found in tree

[Read More...]

B bandstand

Breaking News: “Bandstands of Britain” in today’s MailOnline

"Then and now pictures of Britain's iconic bandstands: Landscape architect tours country's parks to research treasured structures"  A wonderful new book by Paul Rabbitts, Bandstand of Britain, is covered in today’s MailOnline. Paul, a qualified landscape architect, is a leading expert on … [Read More...]

B bandstand

Breaking News: “Bandstands of Britain” in today’s MailOnline

" Then and now pictures of Britain's iconic bandstands: Landscape gardener tours country's parks to research treasured structures" A wonderful new book by Paul Rabbitts, Bandstand of Britain, is covered in today's MailOnline. Paul, a qualified landscape architect, is a leading expert on … [Read More...]

Boys' Toys

Boys’ Toys — but perhaps over the top for dull men?

Click on the image above to see more "toys" . . . or click here . . . Too exciting for us? One interesting thing pointed out by one of our members is this might be an example of where boys are different than girls. Boys like this kind of stuff. Girls could care less? … [Read More...]

B Making some toast

From @boringtweets: excitement at breakfast time

A video that speaks (quietly) for itself: … [Read More...]

Ken with VD card

Breaking news from Yorkshire: same valentine given to wife 37 years in a row

Ken McCoy today gave his wife Valerie the same Valentine's Day card, but with new inscription added, that he's given in each of the 36 preceding years:  Continuity is a character trait we admire. Ken gets top marks. … [Read More...]

VD card gray

Dullest Valentine’s Day Card ever?

Red replaced with grey:   … [Read More...]

Dishwasher 1

Breaking news from Birmingham: study reveals exactly how to load dishwasher

Engineers at the University of Birmingham tracked water movements in dishwaters using radioactive isotopes. They discovered the definitive way to load dishes, which will finally put an end to those arguments that have been going on far too long. Here it is in the Daily Mail: "The science of … [Read More...]

bus riding bus

Breaking news from Seattle: dog rides bus by itself

Eclipse, a black Labrador, rides a city bus by herself. She gets on at the bus stop in front of her house and gets off at the dog park. She leaps over the other passengers to grab a window seat. Reported by NPR: "How Urbane: Dog Rides Seattle Bus To Get To The Park." … [Read More...]

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